Update Allergy Photo: Infant Eczema Atopic Dermatitis (2)

Infant eczema or aka atopic dermatitis often shows up between two and six months of age as a nasty, itchy rash, starting on the face and spreading behind the ear to the neck, torso, arms, and legs. Small papules or pimples can form, fill with fluid, and then burst, adding ooze to the wonderful (not!) list of symptoms. Eczema clears up in half the cases by 18 months of age and usually becomes less severe in other children by age three.


10 Step Treating Atopic Dermatitis in Infants and Children

  1. Give lukewarm baths.
  2. Apply lubricant immediately following the bath.
  3. Keep child’s fingernails filed short.
  4. Select soft cotton fabrics when choosing clothing.
  5. Consider using sedating antihistamines to promote sleep and reduce scratching at night.
  6. Keep the child cool; avoid situations where overheating occurs.
  7. Learn to recognize skin infections and seek treatment promptly.
  8. Attempt to distract the child with activities to keep him or her from scratching.
  9. Identify and remove irritants and allergens.
  10. Identify Food Allergens and Viral infection (Upper Respiratory ) as a mainly trigge



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